Inexpensive Alternatives to Decking: Cheap Garden Decking Materials

Best cheap decking alternatives: A deck can make your home look more welcoming and beautiful; it’s not hard to see why. A deck is an open platform that extends from a home. It does not have a roof. Because it adds living space, a deck can help increase your property’s value. A deck can increase the resale price of your home. One can get a 72% average return on investment with wooden balconies, a much higher return than indoor renovations. You can also install a deck even on rocky terrain.

A deck can also be a great viewpoint, giving you a better view of your surroundings. The deck customization is accessible either by painting or staining it. A wooden deck is best suitable for a warm climate because it is the best insulator for heat.

decking alternatives

Wood decking is durable and can withstand British weather for years will cost a lot. There are many cheaper alternatives to wood decking that you like. It’s possible to save money on the decking while still making a beautiful deck. Here we will show you how to cut back the cost of your garden decking with budget-friendly decking alternatives.

Wood Decking Alternatives That are Cheaper

Let’s first look at some alternatives to wood decking. Although treated wood is beautiful, it can be expensive. You might have a cheaper, but just as attractive, option. These are some ideas that you might consider in the coming months.

Using Plastic or PVC

Plastic or PVC decking may be an option if you want to reduce the cost of your decking. It might seem unappetizing or flimsy but look at the possibilities. PVC and modern plastic look amazing. It’s also far more durable than wood and will never rot.

Bamboo Decking

Two types of bamboo are used to make flooring and decking: strand woven and solid bamboo. The later one is best for outdoor decks. It is often laminated using glue. Solid bamboo is ideal for outdoor use because it’s stronger than strand woven and won’t break apart or split. Despite its many positive qualities, bamboo decking has some disadvantages and cons. Bamboo decking is not resistant to mildew, so we will not recommend it for areas getting heavy rain.

Using Rubber Paving

Another popular choice for British gardens is rubber paving. It is incredibly durable and weather-resistant, but it may not be an attractive option when comparing prices. But you might find rubber paving tiles cheaper than wooden decking in the long run.

Using Concrete and Stones

It is also among the popular alternatives. However, many people might see it as an easy alternative to a patio. Below we will discuss decking vs patios as well. It’s worthwhile to look at particular decking styles and stone types.

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How to Cut Down on Wood Decking

Don’t worry if you cannot find a better option than wood decking. If you decide to go with timber, there are still some tips and ideas that you can use. Be open-minded, however. Garden decking prices will vary depending on the product. Consider the following information as a guideline and use it to help you shop.

Simpler Design

Keep your design simple. You might find it attractive to search for custom decking to enhance your garden aesthetics. We’ve all learned that it is essential to cut back on spending when things are difficult. That also goes over to garden decking. You should choose simple styles, colours, and looks. You can save money when building a deck by sticking to the basics. It’s possible to be pleasantly surprised by how simple decking can look.

Use Pallets

Pallets are a popular option for cheap decking. Pallet decking involves using wooden pallets as slats to make new shapes. This option is not for everyone, as the wood you get may not be as durable or rugged as what you would buy through a dealer. Choose carefully. If you’re to compromise on quality, pallets are worth considering. You can also DIY with pallets. Some people may not believe it’s the best way to create a durable garden restoration. They might be right in some aspects – it may be worth paying a little more for the best quality.

Save on Labor Cost

While it is great to have help when you need to save money on garden decking, avoid rushing for assistance. There are many decking materials and packs that one can use. You can save hundreds of dollars by purchasing the tools and materials for a DIY.

Decking or Patio? Which is More Expensive?

A patio will always be more affordable than decking, even if someone takes it at face value. Concrete slabs are cheaper than constructing complex wooden pieces. A patio is probably more inexpensive to maintain as there is no need for expensive cleaners. On the contrary, certain wood types require specific cleaning and treatments. Concrete patios require occasional cleaning.

However, patios can have some drawbacks. Although it is cheaper than decking, it can be more slippery. Many people agree that decking looks better by design. It’s difficult to disagree with that. Patio slabs can crack, so it is worth replacing them.

There is no assurance that a patio will be less expensive in the long term, but getting a pound for pound is possible. There are certain savings, but you can take them at face value. Again, think carefully about your situation and determine what will be most beneficial for you.

What is the Cheapest Patio Material?

As usual, concrete will be a relatively budget option. Concrete is very affordable and durable. Concrete is a robust solution that will last many years, even though patios can become cracked over time. However, it is worth asking an expert for help. You could end up installing cheap concrete slabs incorrectly or with a system that doesn’t last. Brick might be another option. Although brick patios may not be as affordable as concrete, they are equally durable.

But, this is a trade-off in terms of energy required to set up and time. Constructing a brick patio alone will take much more time than it is worth. Bricks are smaller than concrete slabs. It’s not easy to find the cheapest patio material. Low-cost patio materials are those that can withstand many years and require little or no maintenance. Consider the long-term economics of the material and not only the price.

How to Upkeep Decking?

It’s easy to forget that decking will need some care when you’re undergoing a significant garden transformation. Decking is tough to maintain. It all depends on what type of wood, how large your deck is, and whether you have treated timber. However, some options will require less money and maintenance.

Composite materials, like those mentioned above, are easier to maintain. Composite materials are also cheaper than other materials. Some people might avoid this option due to their appearance. It is, nonetheless, feasible to reach an agreement. You must balance the two most essential things in your life – appearance and savings.

Vinyl is an excellent choice for low-maintenance decking. It doesn’t require the same treatments as wood planks. However, vinyl does have some drawbacks. Vinyl can burn quickly in the sun and crack underfoot.

As you can see, even low-maintenance options have their limitations. It is essential to consider whether a low-maintenance deck will cause you more headaches down the road. It will help if you achieve the right balance.


There are many ways to save money on decking your garden with treated wood. That might mean you have to sacrifice some factors. However, it would be best if you consider what is of great importance. Decking can be a fantastic upgrade to any garden. It will probably work for your garden. Decking isn’t expensive – you don’t have to spend a fortune on it.