Does Walmart Accept Afterpay 2022 or Other Buy Now Pay Later Options?

Walmart is a hub for every essential no matter what product category you are looking into. Being one of the biggest stores that supports large purchases it is important to know does Walmart accept Afterpay or other buy now pay later schemes like Quadpay, Affirm, Klarna, etc. 

does walmart accept afterpay

Buy Now Pay Later with Afterpay allows you to pay for purchases over six weeks, all free of interest. Afterpay allows you to manage your finances with smart limits that you can gradually increase by on-time payments and surprisingly, a lot of stores have added it as an option in 2022. Let’s now take a look at Walmart policy towards Afterpay use. 

1. Does Walmart Accept Afterpay for Purchases?

Walmart, one of the leading retail stores, has facilitated customers with easy payment options. But unfortunately, it does not accept Afterpay yet for various purchases. Unlike many other stores, Walmart has payment services other than Afterpay to pay for purchases as per their policy 2022. 

It has designed its system through which people can make payments. You can pay for your purchase later in just a few clicks using the Walmart system. They charge your debit card or a credit card on the order submission. Soon after the purchase, your card will be charged and will go through at some later date. 

2. What Other Stores Accept Afterpay Service? 

Afterpay is not similar to conventional online payment services. It allows you to buy now and pay later for the items you wish to purchase. It also offers a feature where you can set up a minimum limit on purchases.

Some of the stores that accept Afterpay on eligible items include Surfstitch, Kmart, Mimco, Target, Bing Lee, The Iconic, David Jones, BCF, Adore Beauty, Shein, Bing Lee, Country Road, Sephora, Foot Locker, and Platypus Shoes. 

3. Does Walmart Accept Afterpay Alternative Services like Other Buy Now Pay Later Options?

Even though Walmart does not accept Afterpay, it accepts other Buy Now Pay Later services. These include Quadpay, Klarna, Affirm, and PayPal Pay in 4. You can use any of these to bring an expensive item home and not worry about full payment at once. 

Walmart has deferred payment option services for the customers, particularly for large purchases. Using these, you won’t have to pay anything upfront. Rather, you can split the total payment in equal installments and purchase multiple items. 

4. What Are Some of the Buy Now Pay Later Services That Are Not Accepted at Walmart? 

Like Afterpay, there are a few other payment services too that are not accepted at Walmart. A couple of these include Sezzle and Zip. You cannot finance your Walmart purchase through their two Buy Now Pay Later services. 

5. What Are Some Items That You Can Buy with BNPL Services Here? 

Such financing options only work for the eligible items. You are not allowed to purchase anything or everything using these payment services. There is a certain eligibility criterion for all kinds of items. 

Some of the product categories you can purchase using BNPL include toys, electronics, video games, arts & crafts, jewelry, baby products, apparel, auto, musical instruments, home improvement, sports & outdoors, and tools. 

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1. Can You Use Affirm at Walmart for Online and In-Store Shopping? 

Yes, you can surely use Affirm at Walmart, both for online and in-store shopping. Affirm offers quite flexible customer financing preventing people from getting into unmanageable debt. With Affirm at Walmart, you can use your payment option easily. 

Affirm Buy Now Pay Later service offers customers to pay for their purchases in installments. The installments offered are of 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months with varying interest rates. Depending upon several factors, you are eligible to use the Affirm financing option. 

2. How To Use Affirm at Walmart?

Using Affirm at Walmart is straightforward. Whether you are shopping online, or in-store at Walmart, you can finance your purchase at both. Online shopping at requires you to simply choose Affirm at the checkout page and fill out the loan application form. 

Whereas, at in-store purchasing, you need to go to and choose your payment plan. You will then receive a barcode that you have to scan at the checkout counter. Then you can easily pay for your purchase in installments as per the chosen plan.

3. Do You Need a Good Credit Score to Be Eligible for Affirm?

Such financing options carry out a soft credit check of your payment history. This is done to ensure that you are competent enough to pay back the loan on time. Therefore, Affirm also performs a soft pull of the credit history, with no impact on your credit score. 

Affirm offers loans to customers who have a credit score of 640 or higher. Under certain circumstances, people with scores below 600 also hold acceptance chances. Goof or fair credit score is an indication of your positive financial handling. 

4. Can You Use Quadpay at Walmart for Online and In-Store Shopping? 

Another financing option to avail of at Walmart is Quadpay. With Quadpay, you can split your total purchase amount into four installments. The term period varies with every BNPL option. With Quadpay, you can pay back over a period of six weeks.                           

5. How To Use Quadpay at Walmart?

Walmart allows the Quadpay payment facility both in-store and online for its customers. It does not perform a hard credit check and has no impact on your credit score. To use Quadpay, it is important that you have the Quadpay app installed

Using its search feature, you can look for Walmart locations. Shopping online, just choose Pay with Quadpay at the checkout and look into the payment plan details. Once you verify the information, you will receive a virtual credit card number, CVC, and expiry date. 

Enter the details at Walmart checkout and that’s it. The same goes for in-store shopping where you can tell the exact amount of your purchase. A virtual credit card can also be scanned at the NFC reader present at the checkout counter. 

6. Can You Use Klarna at Walmart? 

Klarna is another platform providing financial easiness to the customers. You can enjoy freedom and flexibility for paying at Walmart using Klarna. Split your purchase into 4 interest-free payments and payback in a period of two weeks.  

Klarna does not perform a credit check on the financial history of its users. All you need to do is download the app and sign up for your account. Your ability to avail of financing options can get hindered if you don’t pay back on time. 

7. How To Use Klarna at Walmart?

Similar to Quadpay, install the Klarna app on your devices and search for the Walmart stores. You can then add your items there and choose Pay with Klarna at checkout. On the other hand, you can also mention the amount of your in-store purchase. 

8. Can You Use PayPal at Walmart?

PayPal Pay in 4 can also be utilized if you are shopping online at Walmart. As the name suggests, you can make payments in four installments; all interest-free. The approval is quick and there is no impact on your credit score. 

It works similarly to the above-mentioned options where you can choose PayPal as the payment option. Next, you need to select PayPal Pay in 4 to complete the process. 

Once done, PayPal will automatically create an installment plan for you. You won’t have to make any cash payment as the installment will be deducted from your PayPal balance automatically. After the first payment, the remaining three can be made every two weeks. 

9. Does Buy Now Pay Later Services at Walmart Charge Interest? 

An amazing and compelling feature of these Buy Now Pay Later financing options is that most of them charge no interest. Apart from Affirm payment plans, no other services such as Klarna, Quadpay, or PayPal Pay in 4 would charge you interest. 

This is what makes these services more trustworthy and convenient. You won’t have to go through a bank-breaking purchase worrying to pay all at once. Just choose the perfect payment plan to enjoy flexible purchasing. 

Final Words

It is unfortunate that Walmart does not accept Afterpay yet. To make up for it, it has provided customers with the ease of using alternatives like PayPal Pay-in-4 plan, Quadpay and Klarna.

There have also been no news about Walmart launching this service in the future. Although we are hopeful that Afterpay will soon be added to the list of buy now pay later financing options available on the store and for online shopping.