Chip vs Plum: Which is Best Robo-Saving App?

Chip vs Plum 2022 – Chip and Plum are two well-known money management applications that allow you to create a budget, track your spending, and analyze your financial situation. We’re going to take a look at how to use each one to buy US shares in the UK. You can’t always know how much you should save from your monthly income, or when it might be enough for larger goals. Luckily there are banking apps that will help make the process easier!

Chip vs Plum

This is why I love automating my savings—I never have any trouble coming up with an amount because these programs do all of work for me by automatically transferring money into different investment accounts based on what they think would best suit both short-term needs as well long term plans. If you’re looking for a money management app that is both simple and effective, Chip is a great option. While it lacks some of the features of more complex apps like Plum, it more than makes up for it in ease of use.

Chip estimates how much spare change you can afford to set aside, then it automatically saves or invests for me. I’ve found that with Plum – my finances are in great hands! This service will analyze all of your transactions and make sure no money goes towards unnecessary costs like monthly electricity payments when there’s an energy provider available just down street from where we live…

Introduction to Chip

AI is finally here to help you save more money! Chip, an advanced piece of tech that uses mathematics and logic in order figure out how much a person should be saving for their future. It takes into account what a person need every day without disturbing the flow of money you require for living on, even on one income as well..

The app lets you set goals and manage your spending with ease. You can even save streaks for high scores! The process works by automatically registering your credit card for you after entering personal information like social security number or date of Birth it take less than 2 minutes total time. At least there are apps like Chip which make things easier by doing some of their work automatically while giving people control over what they want done from their own finances.

If you want to save some money and aren’t looking for too many features, then Chip may be the perfect app. It only connects with one bank at a time but they have big plans on increasing their features in order make it easier than ever before!

Introduction to Plum

Just like Chip, Plum is an easy-to use app that helps you manage your money. It’s been around since 2016 and continues to be one of the most popular financial apps for tracking spending habits.

Plum is a smart and innovative app that can help you save money on your behalf. It connects to your money accounts, like bank account or credit card for instance; this way it knows what spending habits are most suitable with you specifically. So, this way saving gets done automatically without any hassle from the user!

There are many different modes to choose from with Plum. You can move upward starting from “shy” mode to beastly mode. Beast level allows for plenty of savings and investment opportunities! The only thing left is you set things up so they’re just right, thanks again to Open Banking.

How Deposits Works? Chip vs Plum

Chip Deposits

By automatically saving spare change for you, Chip helps make sure that your pockets always have something. The save level lets you decide how much progress to make towards goals. A steady pace will let things happen at their own speed while full speed ahead saves time and money!

With Chip, you can tweak your auto-save before money moves in savings wallet. CHIP AI will learn from the changes and make future saves more appropriate for how life is now! Chip is all about having some fun with your money! You can deposit it quickly and easily thanks to Payday Put Away, which lets you save on interest for up-to three months at a time.

Plus there are plenty of other cool features like Save Streaks that will make living large feel easy as pie (or should I say chipped?) The best part about this Chip is that you can withdraw your money anytime and access a 0.7% savings rate!

Plum Deposits

On the other side, Plum can set aside how much you want, and plum will take care of the rest! Why keep track of your money when you can have an analysis done on it for free? The app will show how much is spent each month, what trends there may be in regard to spending habits and even provide insight into where certain funds are going.

Plum is a great way to save money because it has all these deposit features! The first one I want you to know about are round ups- when your balance falls below the threshold that’s set on our app, plum will give back some of what remains in excess. You can also earn pay days which mean even more rewards for keeping an eye out with us during this 52 week saving challenge or getting ready for rainy day savings rule where we’ll automatically prepare funds based off how many days rains were forecasted over last week alone. If you want to adjust your app more or less generous, there’s an option for that too.

How Savings Works? Plum vs Chip

You see, the clever apps won’t know how much you’re comfortable with saving. That’s why it is up to YOU as a person in charge of your own finances and budgeting skills- not technology! With these helpful tools at hand (and hopefully some good old fashioned hard work), there will be no stopping us from mastering our money goals together

Plum’s six different settings will give you everything from a soft and gentle vibes to something more intense. With only one click, you can do all of this!

  1. 😊’Normal’ (Default Mode)
  2. 😎’Eager’ (25% more saving mode)
  3. 🤑’Ambitious’ (50% more saving mode)
  4. 🦁’Beast Mode’ (75% more saving mode)
  5. 😴’Chilled’ (25% less saving mode)
  6. 🙈’Shy’ (50% less saving mode)

On the other side, Chip has 5 levels. They are indicated as numbers 1-5 but none of them have any suggestion about each level can save. But in general 5 is understood to save at highest level while 1 will save the least while making your wallet a little easy.

It seems like there should be some typeasure for their importance but I’m not sure what they would look like either… Of course, if you want to find your perfect balance with these apps there are a lot of levels that need adjustments and play around.

What are Fees or Costs? Chip vs Plum

Chip Fees & Charges

It is a free app that you can download and start using right away. The app Chip has two subscription alternatives to select from: One is Chip and its free and another plan is ChipX and is paid (£3/mo) for pro users. ‍The app Chip is a free and easy-to use investment tool which will allow you to autosave your investments as well. You can invest through GIA in set of funds available, so it’s never too late for some money saving!

On the other side, with ChipX, you can boost your fund choices, get stocks and shares ISA with lower investment fees. The £3 monthly fee might be too much for some people but it’s worth taking into consideration before making any decisions on this platform!

Plum Fees & Charges

With the Plum app, you can set money aside using automatic deposits and Round Ups. Withdraw as often or infrequently as desired; it’s all up to your preference! The best part? You don’t have worry about switching bills because they’ve got everything covered for ya – just download this free tool now in order not be left behind when life gets tough again (just like last time).

‍Plum is the more sophisticated of these two platforms. They offer four different account levels with their free subscription giving you 0.25% on all money invested and letting your grow without worry, as well as automated savings for nothing! What’s even better? You can set up ” Lost Money” feature so that when something goes wrong (i..e lost PIN), it automatically sends them back into circulation – ensuring no one spends timepots or refunds hard earned cash just yet

You can sign up for the Plum Plus service at just £1 per month. You’ll get access to three different pockets, with an average interest rate of 0% AER and the potential bonus opportunity in each one! For those who want even more features there’s Pro package which costs only £2 more than its predecessor – but it’s equipped with unlimited banking capabilities as well diagnostics tools, savings goals etc..

The top account at Plum is Ultra, which grants you unlimited pockets and awesome cashback benefit. For just £4.99 per month, this innovative money management app gives users access to the popular Money Maximiser toolkit that helps them achieve their goals in no time!

Do Plum and Chip Offer Referral Schemes?

The answer to this question is yes! Referral schemes are offered by Plum and Chip. These kinds of programs allow you, as an employee or customer service rep., respectively; refer friends and family members (who in turn can earn rewards) when they make purchases at your favorite store – all thanks for bringing new business into the fold with these types if incentives

You’ll love this! With Chip referral you can get £10 for every person you refer when they make a deposit. What a better way to bring some friends into the game?

Note: Chip referral scheme keep switches on and off periodically. So verify this from official website.

Plum is a great way to make some extra money, but not as much when compared with other apps. You’ll receive £5 after referring someone and having them link their bank account!

Note: Plum referral scheme keep switches on and off periodically. So verify this from official website.

Chip vs Plum Who is Winner?

In my opinion, both Chip and Plum have a lot of aspects and perks. Plum is a great option for those who want to save with interest, from free. However in order to get 1.25% with Chip, it requires more work but it’s worth the extra effort!

It’s a tough choice between these two services. Plum is more feature-rich and provides in-depth insights, but Chip has an easier interface for beginners who are just getting started with trading/investing in general.

Take the time to compare both Plum and Chip before making your decision. The differences are significant, so make sure you know what’s right for YOU!