Does Target Have Afterpay Shop Buy Now Pay Later Option in 2022?

Afterpay is a renowned multinational corporation that is linked with huge number of superstores and shopping centers. It is flawless payment method where a customer can do shopping with interest free payment method. Due to its countless benefits, customers are eager to find out does Target have Afterpay included in their list of acceptable payment in 2022 or not?

Does Target Have Afterpay

Afterpay is mostly proffered by the customers who want to pay in installments. Since Target store attract a lot of “expensive purchases”, buyers love to divide their bills over months to make it more budget-friendly.

Does Target Have Afterpay Financing?

Target has the facility for its customers from where they can pay through Afterpay. Moreover, this can be done in a simple, secure and convenient manner. Target allows it customers to pay through Afterpay as per its policy in 2022. However, due to some reasons, the benefit is available for the US citizens only when the customer is using Target app or 

On the other end for in-store shopping buyer cannot use Afterpay. There are still few Target stores in New Zealand and Australia that allow the customers to use Afterpay for payment of products. This applicable to items purchased by both online as well as in store.

Can US Buyers Pay Through Afterpay At The Target Stores or Online?

Luckily Target has upgraded it system. Due to which they accept payment through Afterpay at more of their stores in US. In earlier days customers can pay through Afterpay at different Target stores. But now they can complete the payment either through visiting or can use the app.

Target has introduced some other buy now pay later methods for in store shopping. So now the worth of using Afterpay in stores has decreased and not commonly used for in-store shopping.

Where Can I Use Afterpay At Target Stores?

There are few stores in Australia and New Zealand only where a buyer can use Afterpay for payments. However if you want to use it in United States, unfortunately, you cannot due to the unavailability.

What Is The Procedure Of Paying Visa Afterpay At Target Online Stores?

Afterpay payment at Target is quite simple can be done through the official app or through Afterpay card. So for shopping from Target and then paying through Afterpay, first thing is to complete your shopping. Then select Afterpay as a payment option at the time checkout.

If you have your personal account or card, you can use it just like any other debit card or credit card. Also, there is no need to create or login to your account.  For payment through app, you have to create your account and complete the login details. 

Few other things are quiet necessary which are age of the user that should be more than 18 years. Moreover, he should be a US citizen, have valid email address, functional phone number and a permanent home address etc. 

Is There a Limit on Afterpay At Target?

For online shopping through Afterpay the product amount should be minimum of $1- $1000 maximum.

So if your purchased product costs more than $1000 then Afterpay will be used for payments and also a product of price less than $1 also cannot be purchased through Afterpay. On the other hand for in store purchasing, you can get a product through Afterpay I’m between if $100-$1000.

 That is why it is necessary to have a check and balance of your spending if you want to pay through Afterpay. Always keep them between$1-$1000 for online shopping and $100-$1000 for in-store shopping.

What Are The Items That You Can Not Buy With Afterpay?

Although Afterpay is a good option for buying variety of products, still there are few products for which you cannot pay through Afterpay. There are few items which are banned or considered ineligible for payment through Afterpay.

 Some products are used for muscle treatment, for personal care and hygiene, alcoholic products like drinks and beverages, medicine specifically used in the treatment of cold, allergies and digestive issues and special type of gift cards and personal Items.

Are There Other Buy Now Pay Later Options Available At Target?

For online purchasing through Target, along with Afterpay, six other buy now pay later options are available which are Klarna, Sezzle, PayPal Pay-in-4, Zip, Affirm and off course Afterpay as well.

Out of these six buy now pay later platforms, two are only used when you are doing in store shopping like pay through Sezzle and Affirm. However for online shopping the other four Klarna, Afterpay, Zip and PayPal Pay-in-4 are mostly used.

Final Words

As Afterpay is totally free to use and never deduct any extra charges, people prefer this option wherever they do for both in-stores and online shopping. Target accepts Afterpay payment option which is used extensively to pay for purchases in installments.

But these days Afterpay is not used for payment all the time. The reason is the launching of few other buy now pay later methods that are mostly used by customers.