Nutmeg Review 2022: Every Detail You Must Know Before Sign-up

Nutmeg Review 2022 – Nutmeg is a financial services firm based in the United Kingdom. They have numerous account types, including Lifetime ISAs and normal ISAs. LISAs gets £1,000 government bonus for every £4,000 of investment. While regular ISAs enjoys up to £20k tax exemption per year. With Nutmeg you will also get personal pensions investments which are employer-matched.

In 2020, Nutmeg launched a Junior TSA account that allowed children under age 18 to invest with the company. The new service brought in more than $20 million dollars for its first year of operation! In 2018 they changed from fully automated funds management system (FAM) into hybrid financial advisory model where higher investment tiers are managed by human teams who make decisions based on risk profiles created using machine learning algorithms like Artificial Intelligence or AI .

Nutmeg Review

Types of Nutmeg Investment Portfolios

1. Nutmeg Fully Managed Portfolios

Nutmeg’s managed portfolios provide a choice of 10 different investment options, each with its own mix of assets. The varying levels range from level 1 (the least risky) to ten which is extremely hazardous and can lead you into losing all your money if not careful!

The portfolio strategy is diversifying at a time when most people are trying to find ways protect themselves from financial risk. The investment opportunity improves as you can invest in different assets, countries and industry sectors which may be better suited for your needs. Nutmeg takes the time to review your investments so you can feel confident in them. The team at Nutmeg is always looking for ways not just how much money has been invested, but also what types of funds are being used and whether they match your risk profile!

Nutmeg prefers to invest in exchange-traded funds that track the market indices. These investment are designed for maximum returns while maintaining stability and security, which makes them perfect candidates if you’re looking out long term investments or want a low cost approach with high return capabilities! ETFs are a way for investors to access various markets without having buy individual stocks. The costs involved with these funds is low and they’re easy trade, meaning that you can make money off them by going long or short on an exchange-traded fund (ETF).

2. Nutmeg Socially Responsible Portfolios

Nutmeg has the perfect palette for your ethics needs. With 10 different portfolios to choose from, you can find an investment that fits just right!

The portfolios can be categorized by how risky they are. You have cautious, moderate and aggressive options to choose from which will suit your investment needs better than others do

The diversity of your investments will protect you from certain risks. By investing in many different places, the chances are higher that at least one investment option will be successful and provide returns on their risking funds – The diversification also helps reduce risk by spreading out potential losses across various industries or countries so they don’t have all come crashing down upon them

Nutmeg review the investments in your portfolio to make sure that they are balanced between performance and ethics. They will never sacrifice either one for the other, which means you can count on them as an ethical investment advisor with sound returns!

3. Nutmeg Fixed Allocation Portfolios

Nutmeg is here to answer the prayers of every investor who’s ever wanted a cheap, hassle-free fund that will make your life easier by managing all those pesky diversification and re-balancing details. Just give ’em what they want–a miracle in one convenient package!

If you want to take your investing game up a notch, it’s time for some growth! This portfolio has five risk levels (cautious, steady, balanced, growth, and adventurous). The annual review of the portfolio allocations is a crucial step in ensuring that your investments are diversified and highly RAIN-immune. Automatic rebalance apporach helps to maintain same allocation of assets on the event of withdrawal or deposits.

Fixed asset allocation portfolios are the perfect choice for those who want to invest without having worry about management or fees. The funds will be kept diversified across different industries, so you don’t have any concerns when it comes time sell your investment! Nutmeg’s managed service has a higher cost than the fixed asset allocation services because it is fixed.

4. Nutmeg Smart Alpha Portfolios

The J.P Morgan Asset Management team and Nutmeg’s specialists work together to set the portfolio’s allocation based on your goals and risk. With 5 different smart alpha portfolios available, you have many options for how much risk is right for you!

The diversification of investments is an important part in the risk management process. The portfolio includes different assets like countries and industry sectors, which helps to reduce risks for any one country or sector’s fluctuations because there will always be some other place that has better opportunities than what they’re experiencing right now

These days, it’s not enough to just have a good investment strategy. You need the right tools for success! That’s why Nutmeg is using J.P Morgan Asset Management with cutting edge market insights and analysis so they can provide you “smart alpha” portfolio strategies that will help take your wealth beyond what anyone else could imagine in this day of unprecedented change around us all.

Nutmeg Platform Interface

1. Mobile Interface

Nutmeg’s mobile apps are designed to make your life easier, whether you’re on the go or at home. With robust account functions and well-tested technology that has been around since 2012 as an app based robo-advisory service Nutmegs offerings will help provide peace of mind for both Android and iOS users.

2. Desktop Interface

Nutmeg’s website is a one-stop shop for all of your financial needs, with helpful resources and calculators that can be used in any situation. Their blog houses hundreds of articles and guides on everything from taxes to investments!

Nutmeg Resources

Nutmeg’s blog provides free resources and tools for those interested in investment education. The site covers various topics and offers thorough analysis of different events, with an emphasis on providing useful information to people across the globe who are looking up investment guidance online.

Moreover, there is also a monthly newsletter specifically for Nutmeg investors. This covers various market aspects including news, trends and any latest offering of Nutmeg.

Is my Investment Safe to Invest with Nutmeg?

Nutmeg is committed to providing the security and protections necessary for UK industry. This includes using heavy-duty SSL encryption with an authentication key length of 384 bit, which keeps your information safe from hackers! Protection with State Street Bank giving you added peace of mind as your funds are safe up to £85K ($123 000).

2-tier authentication is available for both mobile and web interface. While Nutmeg mobile app also offers extra layer of security with the help of fingerprint and facial recognition features.

Nutmeg Fees and Charges

Nutmeg charges 0.45% fee for the first £100k on fixed allocation portfolio. But it lowers down to 0.25% on investments after £100k, Nutmeg is not as expensive when it comes to features offered but still charges more than most competitors do!

You’ll pay a 0.75% fee on the first £100k in assets with Nutmeg fully managed and Social Responsibilty portfolio! But on investments after 100k fees is 0.35%. Its still worth it for those who need help managing their money or protecting themselves from any potential risks involved like inheritance taxes (I hope).

Annual ETF fees average 0.17% for the fixed allocation tier, 0.19% for the fully managed tier, and a hefty 0.33% for the socially conscious tier. The average market spread, according to Nutmeg, is 0.07 percent.

Annual fees for ETFs can vary depending on the allocation you want. A fixed allocation average is at 0.17%, while fully managed came out to about 0.19%. Lastly there’s socially responsible where it hits over 0.33%! The spread average is 0.07% for every portfolio.

How to Setup Nutmeg Account

Nutmeg features a well-thought-out registration steps. You complete a quick form outlining your objectives, investment tenure, and deposit amounts. For pension accounts you can also add employer contributions.

After finishing the sign-up questionnaire, you have to select one of three investment styles: fixed allocation, managed, or socially responsible. Each type of investment portfolio is managed by expert team. Fees varies with the type of investment style you choose. Be careful about the charges, before investing your money do your research.

You can see a simple slider on the final screen to adjust the risk levels. You have to choose anyone of five available options ranging from: cautious, stable, balanced, growth, or adventurous. The level of risk you select will affect the percentage of equity and fixed-income mix for your investments. The algorithm then generates a graphical report which shows allocation of each asset type along with returns forecast.

Nutmeg Pros and cons


  • Auto reinvestment of dividends
  • Auto re-balancing on deposits and withdrawal
  • Expert advisors are available instantly
  • Socially responsible (Ethical) portfolio available


  • Fee for fixed allocation portfolio is high
  • Fixed income portfolio receives few services after set-up
  • After set-up, the fixed income portfolio receives limited services.
  • Big investors gets more attention

Nutmeg Alternatives

Since its introduction in 2011, Nutmeg has grown enough to become one of a leading robo-adviser firm on the market. One such robo-advice proposition, and one of Nutmeg’s biggest competitors is Wealthify. Another major competitor is Moneyfarm. Wealthify is one of Nutmeg’s largest competitors in the robo-advice space. Moneyfarm is another important rival.

You may use a fund platform such as Hargreaves Lansdown or Vanguard Investor instead of Nutmeg if you prefer to pick your own investing funds rather than having someone else manage them for you.

For additional information, read our Hargreaves Lansdown review. With a variety of investment options available in their ISA, LISA, and Vantage SIPP, the HL is leader in market.

On the other side, Vanguard is one of the most cost-effective ways to create a custom tracker fund portfolio. Read our full Vanguard review for details.

If you like the idea of picking your own funds using a fund platform like Hargreaves Lansdown but don’t know how to start then 80-20 Investor service may help you.

Is Nutmeg a Good Fit For You?

Nutmeg is a good option at a reasonable price if you live in the United Kingdom and wish to automate your investing. Many robo-advisors provide MPT-based portfolios with automatic capabilities, however mostly they are only for US residents.

May be thats why, Nutmeg does not appear to be under pressure to offer lower fees or extra features in the UK. All this is because of lack of competition as you can see in United States.

However, when it comes to fees, Nutmeg is on the low end when compared to other robo-advisors in the UK. If you compare it with US average the its only 0.1 percent higher.