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Receiving a prepaid card from FRONTLINE or NexGard is surely a surprise for you and your pet as well. However, before getting to use it, visit blpetrebates online platform to activate the card.

The prepaid card is from the Bancorp Bank specially for people who have pets and want to avail wonderful discounts on products related to the pets.

Isn’t it great when you know that someone out there is helping you take care of your loving pet? So, in the series of helping you out, this article will guide you in using the prepaid card in the best manner. 

Why Blpetrebates? All u Need to Know About It:

Any additional helping hand to look after your free friends is always a blessing. Blpetrebates is just the kind of help you would have dreamed about.

This platform has made possible visible advancements in the healthcare system dedicated for the animals. No matter if you are looking after your pet or a business level livestock, you can get benefits from the offered bills and discounts.

This prepaid card is quite easy to use, however it is a bit different than a normal prepaid card that can be used in the ATM or for any other kind of transactions.

Note: this card is only four purchasing products related to health care of your pets. 

Working of Blpetrebates:

You must be wondering how this prepaid card provides discounts and benefits to its users. The Bancorp bank works in partnership with various vet clinics and pharmacies to come up with suitable, affordable coma attractive packages for pet care. 

The process for applying for the card is quite easy and straightforward. All you must do is keep the payment received safely in your pocket the next time you visit the vet clinic or the pharmacy. 

Note: Receipts of only affiliated vet clinics or pharmacies are valid for applying for the prepaid card.

Now use your smartphone or computer, whatever you like, to visit the web portal for Blpetrebates and sign into your free account. Once inside you will be given an opportunity to enter the offer code in the suitable field. You can find this offer code on the payment received that you have in your pocket. 

Moreover, you will be required to enter the date of the payment receipt and a snapshot of it. So, just take a click of the payment receipt and attach it with the rebate form. You will also be asked to enter your personal details before you can continue. 

At the end a thank you message will signal that your application has been submitted. Now you just have to wait for about a month or two, before you receive your prepaid card in your mail. 

Activating The Card at 

Have you received the card? That’s great! Now before you can use it you need to activate it so that you can enjoy the discounts and deals right away.

We’re going to guide you through the process of activating your prepaid card which won’t take you more than two minutes.

Firstly, using your smartphone or computer visit the Bell Petra Bates official site and make sure you have you card with you.

Secondly sign into your free account once again and enter the first 6 digits of your card in the provided field. You can find these digits on the upper right corner of the card.

Now from your same account you can see the details of your card, any transactions that are made, the available balance and the currently available discounts and deals that you can make use of. 

That’s it, there’s nothing more, you have successfully activated and added your prepaid card into your account. 

Deal & Discounts From blpetrebates:

Once you have activated your prepaid card you can easily avail discounts on not only medicines for your pets but also many other items used for taking care of your pets. 

Majority of the deals will refund you a particular amount if you make a purchase of greater than or equal to the amount advertised in the deal. You can also look at the HeartGard website, which is a subsidiary of Blpetrebates, for some amazing discounts that can be really easily. 

Giving you discounts is not the only offer the Blpetrebate prepaid cards are offering, there are some more as well. 

You Are In Safe Hands! 

First of all, the information that you provided for getting your hands on the prepaid card is safe with the Bancorp bank. 

Secondly, in case of an unfortunate event where you lose or misplace your prepaid card, you don’t have to worry about any kind of fraud liability. 

All you need to do is notify the customer care as soon as you learn that there is some unauthorized transaction on your card, or you have lost your card. The customer care will ask you about the details of the transaction Where the incident where you lost your card.

You can get a dispute form from the BL pet rebates platform, fill it up and submit it for settling the unauthorized transaction on your card.

There are several ways to submit this dispute form, you can email the form at, you can fax the form at 623-336-6699, or you can send the printed form via Mail at the following address:

Card Services

ATTN: Dispute Department 

6220 Stoneridge Mall Rd 

Pleasanton, CA, 94588 

Make sure to file your dispute form within 60 days of the unauthorized transaction or the day you lost your card. Doing so will increase the chances of settling the dispute in your favor. 

If, for any reason, you cannot contact the company through the provided contact details, you can leave your contact details and queries on the official page through the provided field. The authorities will definitely read those and get into contact with you, themselves. 

Final Words:

This was everything about Blpetrebates and we hope that the article has covered every aspect and has answered every query that might pop up in your mind. 

Overall, the Blpetrebates service is great for someone who has pets and care for them with full dedication. Few deals and discounts for getting products for your pets can further help you in taking good care of them.

Feel free to contact us via the comment section if you need any further guidance.


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