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Looking for winning big cash and that in a short time? Just visit www.playholidaycash.com and get started.

All of you who are regular customers of Lowes and Food King and are constantly looking for ways to get your hand on some easy cash are in for a treat.

All you need to do is just Play! Visit www.playholidaycash.com and indulge in fun activities to get a chance to win $7.5 million in cash, prizes, and gift cards.

Follow the article to know everything you need to know about getting started and getting paid.

Participating at Playholidaycash Online Instantly:

Keep in mind to look for participating products, the next time you visit Lowes or Food King. Moreover, these products are mostly mentioned on the flyers as you enter the store.

The eligible products will have a label that will allow you to win a free game on the purchase of that product. You’ll get the ticket when you purchase the product. Furthermore, an additional booster ticket may be won by purchasing a booster ticket directly.

The receipt that you are going to get will have the number of tickets required for the game. Plan accordingly because you can make such purchases only once in a 3 hours window.

Now keep these precious tickets safe because they are going to get you big money on the online gaming portal.

Getting Final Steps Right:

Firstly, scratch the ticket below the box that says ‘Online Code’ to get a unique 12-digit code.

Now using your PC or a smartphone visit www.playholidaycash.com and log in using a valid and authenticated email ID.

As soon as you log in a promotional add will pop up requesting you to register for automatic notifications of new offers and prizes. We would recommend you get registered so that you can never miss a chance.

Afterward, enter the 12-digit code that you got from your Booster Game ticket in the given field.

As the last step, cross your fingers, pray hard, close your eyes and click on the submit button. It won’t take long before the screen shows whether your code matches any winning code or not.

Note: If you are lucky enough to win you’ll be provided the details on how you can verify your code.

Every potential winner must download and fill the Online Customer Prize form, don’t forget to enter the original game code section as well. Once done, email the filled form at the address given on the prize screen.

Alternate Routes To Access The Winning Pool

You don’t have to wait till you get home and visit www.playholidaycash.com to enter the game. Once you have the receipt and the Booster Game tickets with you, look for the scratchable area and the winning area that contains the winning codes.

Find something to scratch the prize numbers out and look if your numbers match the mentioned winning numbers. If yes, then you are going to get a surprise that you won’t forget.

It might happen to you as it happened to me last year, that when I went to try my luck, the store ran out of the Booster game tickets. Isn’t that frustrating!

 At that time the guy at the store tipped me with another way for getting the Booster Game tickets. You can also get the tickets by following the steps below.

  1. Enclose a clean sheet of paper in a self-addressed stamped envelop.
  2. Send it to
    Holiday Cash Game Ticket
    Request Attn: Promotions Coordinator
    PO Box 367, Kennesaw, GA 30156.

Sending a request via this method will be successful if you send it within the advertised request period. In 2019 this period was from Nov 6 to Dec. 27, however, for this year they haven’t advertised any requested period yet.

What’s Coming Your Way?

Now let’s get to the point for which all of you came this far.

What are the prizes and how much you can win at playholidaycash?

There is a variety in the prizes that you can win, ranging from gift cards, cash, offers, and on-spot gifts as well.

Just to list a few you can get the following:

  • Three vehicles of your choice, each of $30,000 worth.
  • Multiple offers for fully sponsored vacations with a $5,000 budget.
  • Five High-Definition TVs of $2,500.
  • 15 $1000 cash prizes.

Apart from these, there’s more in form of gift cards, which is actually preferred by a lot of customers. All the offered gift cards can be redeemed for buying groceries.

  • 25 $500 gift cards
  • 100 $250 gift cards
  • 500 $100 gift cards
  • 3500 $50 gift cards

Now, these are some big numbers, so everyone has a fair chance of winning at least a grocery gift card worth more than $50.

Is www.playholidaycash.com Worth Giving A Try?

Surely it is!

www.playholidaycash.com is a completely legit platform that has been known to hand out cash rewards to its customers. What’s more comforting is that they don’t ask for any personal tracking information or anything that rings an alarm.

As the eligible products keep on changing so the next time you visit the Lowes or Food King, the eligible product might be something you went there to buy. So, buying something that you needed will earn you a Booster Game ticket as well, giving you chances of winning big.

One of the customers at the store said that he likes the whole scheme because firstly they don’t ask for anything in return and secondly the winners are announced immediately. You don’t have to wait or to contact someone to know the results of the game.

Therefore, I would recommend everyone out there to give it a try. You just need to scratch, match, and fill a form to get rewarded and that is not a big deal.

Fill us up with your feedback in the comments sections so others can benefit from it. Adios!


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