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No matter whether you already own a credit card or are looking for your first one, if you have received a mail offer from, consider yourself lucky.

  • Yes, you heard me! Capital One offers some of the best credit cards you can ever get your hands on.

We are going to talk about three of their featured cards in this article and are pretty much hope you’ll fall for at least one of them.

A credit card can pull you out of a difficult financial situation, but at a cost that varies depending on several factors. Therefore, responsible and intelligent use of credit cards may prove to be beneficial whereas, irresponsible use can sink you in even deeper troubles.

Let’s get on with the and see why it is one of the best mail offers you’ll ever receive.

Understanding is a unique platform from the Capital Bank where you can respond to the mail offer of a credit card, if you have received one, or can also apply for a credit card as well.

There are numerous banks and financial institutes that after reviewing your credit score will approach you via mail offer. If you have received a mail offer it means you are preapproved for the credit. However, you can still apply for the credit if you haven’t received an offer.

Note: Receiving an offer doesn’t mean you’ll get the credit card.

Being preapproved means that looking at your shallow details bank thinks you might qualify for the credit card.

People with a good credit history are normally on the watch list of the banks or the financial institutes and are offered a credit card via mail. Moreover, these offers also come with additional perks in form of one-time offers. So, if you have received an offer, do consider replying to it. is the place where you can respond to the mail offer you have received offering you one of the Capital One credit cards.

However, you should be a legal resident of the United States, aged over 18 years to be eligible for such offers.

Responding To The Mail Offer

First of all, congratulations on receiving the mail offer, because half the work is done. Now to get your hands on the Capital One credit card follow the steps below to respond to the mail offer.

  • Visit the homepage.
  • Take out the letter you received in the mail and find the 16-digit Reservation Number and 6-digit Access Code.
  • Fill the given field with this information and click the ‘View Next Step’.
  • The next step will require you to enter a bit of personal information and that’s it.

You are done responding to the mail offer, it’s that simple. Immediately you’ll see the following decision message on the screen.

  • Approved: Hurray! Your credit card and welcome material will be at your door within 7 to 10 days.
  • Denial: Unfortunately you have not been approved for the credit card, and a link will be shown that contains the details related to the denial.
  • Decision Pending: Hope for the best! Your application is being reviewed.

Didn’t Receive Any Mail Offer From

If you haven’t received the mail offer it doesn’t mean you are not eligible for a credit card. You can reach out to the Capital One bank and apply for a credit card even without an offer.

To proactively apply for the credit card, visit the same getmyoffer capital one homepage and click the link ‘See if you’re pre-qualified’. This link is just under the heading ‘Didn’t receive a mail offer?’.

On the page that opens you just need to insert basic personal information, using which the web-portal will notify whether you qualify for the credit card offer or not. If you are successful, you’ll see the credit card application page which will ask for a bit more information, before you can complete the application.

Now let us review three featured credit cards from Capital One and find out the reason behind their being featured.

Platinum Mastercard – Best For Rebuilding Your Credit Score

This credit card requires you to have a fair credit score for being able to get one. Moreover, your credit situation will be shared with the three major credit bureaus, helping you rebuild your credit score.

Considering the current situation of the world, this card has been loaded with a feature of contactless checkout. All you need to do is tap the card on the contactless-enabled card reader to pay the amount.

The cheekiest feature of this card is its $0 annual fee coupled with an automatic credit limit review after 6 months only. So, you the card responsibly for 6 months and you might be eligible for increasing your credit limit.

In addition to no foreign transaction fee, you’ll get auto-rental collision damage and travel accident insurance with this card. Furthermore, 0% fraud liability is coupled with an emergency replacement card in case of an unfortunate event where you lose your card.

Moving on, you don’t have to pay any transaction fee for transferring the amount to other cards or accounts, however, for a cash advance you have to pay $10 or 3%, whichever is higher.

Furthermore, a high APR of 26.99% is associated with every kind of transaction made through this credit card. Additionally, for late fee payments, you will be charged an additional $40.

QuicksilverOne – Unlimited Cash Back Credit Card

Are you a shopping enthusiast who is attracted by the cashback rewards of the credit? If yes, then this credit card is just for you.

Once again you require a fair credit score to be eligible for this credit card. The most catchy feature of this card is the unlimited 1.5% cashback rewards you going to get on every purchase.

  • Yes, you heard me correct! You’ll get cashback on any type of purchase you make using this card, no questions asked.

Moreover, the rewards points you are going to earn have no expiry date and can be redeemed for cash, used for making payments for purchases, or can be used for getting gift cards.

This card has a $39 annual fee, along with none for transactions of cash transfer. However, $10 or 3%, whichever is higher, is applied to all cash advances. As far as the APR is concerned, this card has a fixed APR of 26.99% on every kind of credit card, whereas a late payment fee of $39 is also there.

Like the Platinum Credit Card, you’ll don’t have to pay anything for foreign transactions, have auto-rental collision damage and travel accident insurance. Moreover, the ‘tap-to-pay’ feature is also present in this card.

Venture Rewards – Truly A Reward Credit Card

This card defines what a reward should look like in the market of credit cards.

In addition to 2x rewards points, called miles, for every dollar spent, without any restriction of spending category, this card has an attractive limited time offer as well. Just spend $20000 in the first year and you’ll get 100000 bonus reward points and 50000 points for spending $3000 in the first 3 months.

Now, this is some reward that can be bragged about!

The only downside of this card is the high annual fee of $95 and a transaction fee of 3% on transferring cash or on cash advance. Moreover, you’ll have to pay an APR in the range of 17.24% to 24.49% on all kinds of credit card uses, in addition to $40 as a late payment fee.

Besides these negatives, there is no worth-mentioning downside of this card. There is no foreign transaction fee, along with auto-rental collision damage and travel accident insurance.

Did You Know? You can use the rewards points earned via Venture Rewards Credit Card to pay on Paypal and even Amazon. Moreover, these points will be automatically utilized on the online shopping platform of the Capital One bank.

What’s more? You can use the earned rewards for paying for the flights, hotels, and for various other purposes while you are traveling. Last but definitely, not least, Capital One bank has announced a 5% cashback on every order on Uber Eats till January 31st, 2021.

Wrapping Up

Credit cards from are some of the best you can find in the domain of credit cards. So, if you have received a mail offer from Capital One then consider yourself lucky and you should respond to the offer at once.

Although this article reviewed the featured cards only, there are several other credit cards as well. So, remember to complete your homework before applying for one. However, if you can’t figure out something, you may contact the responsive and cooperative customer support at 1-877-383-4802, 1-800-227-4835, or 1-800-481-3239 if you are from Canada.

I would like to end the article by saying the Capital One bank offers a plethora of features and schemes that will suit everyone out there. Therefore, a credit card from should be at the top of the priority list.

Take Care and Stay Safe.


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