What is Credit Card Mail Offer? Tips How You Should Respond and Why?

The number of credit card mail offers sent out by different banks have increased over the past few years.

Perhaps this is because mail-marketing directly reaches the customers with the clarity and detail that they need.

However, is there any point in signing up for all the mail offers that you are getting in your inbox?

Where we understand that these might be tempting, you need to smartly select the plastic you need from the one you don’t.

What You Should Be Looking At In a Mail Offer

A mail offer is just a marketing technique therefore remember that no special discounts or schemes have been suggested for you and the card might be carrying the usual charges.

It is important to go through the fine prints before deciding on your response to the credit card mail offer.

Here you need to check the APR, annual fee, the credit limit that you might be eligible for, and if there are any penalty fees that would be charged if you are late with a payment.

What makes mail offers special is that in some cases you might be pre-approved. You need to check whether it is a pre-screened offer or not. If yes, then that means your chances of approval have just gone up a notch.

Pre-approved or pre-qualified credit card mail offers imply that the bank carried out a soft-inquiry on your credit report and thought you would prove to be a reliable customer.

Attention! Although applying via a pre-approved offer increases the chances of your application being accepted, it is not 100% guaranteed.

3 Ways To Respond To Credit Card Mail Offers

If you think the mail offer is right for you and find yourself interested in applying for the credit card, you need to visit the bank’s official webpage that would be mentioned in the mail.

A pre-approved offer comes with a few special numbers such as reservation codes or access codes that make the application process short and easy.

You just enter these numbers in the required field to complete the credit card application.

Note! It does not matter how many credit card offers you are getting in your mail. Always apply for the ones you need because multiple applications in a short period of time can hurt your credit score.

Once you have completed the application, click on Submit or Continue. Then wait for at least 7 to 14 days before calling the bank for a follow-up. Hopefully, you would receive your acceptance letter by then!

Dispose Of The Mail If Not Needed

Not interested? That’s okay! You can simply throw away the mail if you don’t wish to respond.

However, it is better to shred it before disposing of. This is because the letter often contains personal information that you would not want the wrong third-party such as burglars to find out.

Opt-Out of Credit Card Mail Offers

Many customers don’t opt-out of such offers because they know the right one would reach them one day or another.

In case you have enough plastic in your wallet already and you are sure of not replying to any of the mail offers, you can completely opt-out of the program.

You can do so by visiting www.optoutprescreen.com or calling directly at 2-888-5-OPTOUT. Here you would need to request the representative to remove your name from mailing lists permanently.

Note! There is also an opt-out option that removes your name from the list for 5 years only. This is handy when you don’t wish to get a new card too soon and find the offers tempting.

Final note

Direct credit card mail offers are useful for the bank for reaching a large pool of potential customers quickly.

On the other hand, they are also beneficial for the users as they can inform about the different on-going offers or bring their attention to something they need in a credit card.

However, cards presented in this way are often hard to say no to. Therefore, you should always do thorough research before applying for any so you understand what the future with this credit card would be like.

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