How to Lower Down Your Sky Bill in 2022

How to Lower Down Your Sky Bill in 2022 – Don’t let yourself be discouraged if you’ve had enough of price hikes or your bills are increasing as a result of the termination of a discount deal. If you want to stay with Sky, while considering the options available at SKY TV which are not available with others — then use the power of bargaining also known as the haggling trick.

Although there are far more TV providers and other free alternatives to view television programs and films at home even at zero cost but still paid subscriptions are increasing day by day. That is something we can’t dispute. Many people have decided to stop paying for their Sky TV subscription in order to save money.

How to Lower Down Your Sky Bill

Is it possible to negotiate a lower price for your Sky subscription by threatening to cancel or demolish your contract? Perhaps yes, and sometimes no. For details keep reading below.

How to Lower Sky Bill as an Existing Customer?

  1. Login to your online SKY account and check available promos.
  2. Drop some unnecessary channels from your package to reduce your Sky bill
  3. Use the Haggling option

The first two are self-explanatory. The third is a little more challenging, but it typically if done perfectly it results in the largest discount.

Hunting for Promos at Online Sky Account

SkyTV has a page on its website where you can get active promos as a current customer. Simply log into your account and see what’s available to you. Such offers help you in saving money by just clicking a button.

Dropping Unnecessary Channels

There’s no easier or quicker way to save money on your Sky bill than to eliminate the unnecessary channels in your current subscription. For example, if you don’t utilize your movie and/or sports subscription, you might save a lot of cash just by canceling it. However, since these are frequently people’s favorite stations, this isn’t always a good option.

You can also try to drop the entertainment channels. The problem with this approach is that it will not let you save much. In the most extreme scenario, you could save around £10-20 per month on your Sky bill by reducing the number of entertainment channels.

Play Cancel Trick to Hit Sky’s Retention Nerves

Why not haggle and keep your favorite channels if you’re weary of the simple alternatives above and have exceeded your one-year minimum commitment?

Before you begin, do some research and learn what Sky’s special deals are for new customers and how their rivals, such as Virgin Media and BT Vision, stack up. When you know this, it adds a few more points to negotiate. To begin, follow the instructions listed below.

Just follow these steps.

Get in touch with them by phone (0333 7590 958) or chat to talk with them online. Phone conversations are typically somewhat faster, although few individuals like to hold personal discussions over the phone. Live chat allows you to receive a rapid response without having to endure minutes of voice conversation, but obtaining a quick answer might take time.

A growing number of consumers cutting the cable because they can no longer afford it. If you’re incensed about your circumstances and wish to voice your feelings, here are some things to say: “I’m dissatisfied that my loyalty isn’t recognized.” “It’s too costly for me, as I want to save money.

Keep a cool head and keep negotiating. This discussion may last to 30 minutes since they’ll look at downgrading your package/subscription or may increasing your discount. But simply express that you’re unwilling to spend such huge amount. The agent will schedule you a date when your contract runs out (which is usually 31 days after making the cancellation request.

Now, wait for things to happen. Sky’s retention department usually get back within two weeks after the cancellation request. Sometimes you will not hear from them at all and you have to cancel. On the other side they may call just a few days before contract is due to expire. The price reduction provided by Sky is generally in between 30%-50%, but it varies from person to person.

Can I Cancel Sky Before Completing Contract?

Unfortunately, even if the price of your Sky TV bill increases, you cannot leave without paying penalty. While on the other side, you can leave with 30 days’ notice if your broadband and phone invoice rises.

Does this Work for Broadband too?

It’s not difficult to receive a reduction, but in general Sky is not quite eager to haggle for broadband and landline rental fees. But here one will not be able to hunt huge discounts, but anywhere between 10%-20% is a realistic figure.

Sky TV Alternatives

Thankfully, these days are long gone. There are a lot of different choices available right now. Some services need to be paid for, while others do not. They may be received through a TV aerial or satellite dish. Sky does not have a monopoly on movies or sports; however, they do have access to BT Vision and Netflix.

Consumers who wish to switch their Sky TV or Virgin Media or BT TV subscription but don’t know where to begin.


There are a lot of excellent original and classic TV programs on Netflix. There are also award-winning movies that appear here in days after their premieres. It’s my favorite because there’s usually something to discover, even if it’s only one option. The cost is £5.99 per month or £9.99 per month for the premium

The Netflix 4K plan, which costs £13.99 per month and includes four users, is the best option for those who want to stream in 4K. The top-tier plan, which runs £13.99 per month and includes four users, permits up to four simultaneous accounts and upgrades where feasible.


The main television service in the United Kingdom. The UK is somewhat more advanced than other countries when it comes to TV aerials. In most homes in the UK, Freeview reception is available. To start viewing Freeview, you’ll need a compatible TV antenna and a set-top box.

If you don’t already have a Freeview-compatible television, it will be difficult to locate compatible digital TV sets. In most cases, your equipment is correct. If you already own a Freeview-compatible display, you may purchase a basic set top box from a supermarket.

More options includes AmazonPrime, ChomeCast, AppleTV. Here is a complete round-up on SKY TV Alternatives both free and paid options.