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You’ll seldomly find any car nowadays that doesn’t come with a Keyless Entry System or key fob. Although there is no doubt that these key fobs offer us greater convenience, but they have certain issues as well. This is exactly what programtheremote is here for!

FlashCard! If you have heard the phrase ‘key fob’ for the first time, even then I’m sure you know the device. A key fob is nothing, but a remote-like device that can lock or unlock your vehicle.

Normally a common issue with key fobs is that you misplace them, or their battery expires. However, rarely they completely malfunction as well. But there is nothing to worry about because for every problem there is a solution. is here just for this issue, that is it will solve any kind of issue related to the key fob.

What Programtheremote Has To Offer?

On this web portal, you can get information about, or reach the solution to any kind of problem related to the key fobs. Some of the problems that you might face, which this platform can help you with are listed below.

  • You can get the price off the keyless remote.

  • You can learn to program the keyless remote on your own.

  • If things get out of your hand you can locate the auto locksmith located in your vicinity.

  • You can order online for the compatible key fob of your car.

Apart from providing the new key fobs for almost every kind of vehicle, you can also find aftermarket key fobs. These are quite economical. Moreover, for every kind of key fob, the programming instructions are also given. This allows you to program these devices on your own.

Important: This platform contains keyless remotes for almost every car that is purchased in the United States of America, along with programming instructions of it.

However, if you think that the problem is bigger than your hands can handle, you can always locate the auto locksmith near you and contact him through the provided contact information.


You won’t find any other easy to use, user-friendly platform to buy your automobiles key fob.

You don’t have to go anywhere or call anyone the programtheremote will ship your chosen key fob to your location. Moreover, there is no shipping in addition to the key fobs price, and it comes with a 60-day warranty as well

although they guarantee the quality, if something goes sideways you can always return the key fob via hassle-free return plan. You can either ask for a replacement or a refund, however, we would not suggest a refund because you are not going to find a better service anywhere else.

What You’ll Find On The Website

If you visit the programtheremote website, you will find several links that can guide you to what you are looking for. The web designers have made sure that you don’t find it difficult to reach what you are looking for.

I have listed the main portions of the home page that you can use to reach the answer to your problem.

Part Finder

Using this option, you can find the key fob for your automobile by providing a bit of information about your vehicle. You have to enter the make, year, and model of your automobile. Using this information the platform will show you the compatible key fobs.


This portion will allow you to search for the programming instructions of your vehicle’s key fob. Once again, to search your vehicle, you must provide the make, year, and model of your vehicle.

Moreover, this portion also allows you to search for the registered locksmith that you can contact if you think you cannot solve the problem on your own.


Apart from retailing the key fobs, the platform can also provide you the required keyless remotes in bulk. So, if you are a retailer yourself then buying the key fobs in bulk may benefit you.

New Products

This section is particularly reserved for the products that have been uploaded to the database recently. Therefore, if you cannot find what you were looking for, do remember to come back and look in this portion after some time. If the part you were looking for, becomes available it will be listed over here.

Used Remote and Keys

In this portion, you can find old, second-hand key fobs that are currently available on this platform. Additionally, you can also sell the key fob of your vehicle as well as using the options in this portion.

Finding Your Required Keyless Remote

It doesn’t matter, whether you want to order a new remote or just want do you know how to program your remote, you will need the make, year, and model of your automobile. Once you have this information you can go to the programming section and enter the required information there.

The Part Finder routine of the web portal will compile and display a list of all the compatible remotes and keys, which are currently available for purchasing. Moreover, real images, price, and customer ratings for all the shown key fobs will also be shown.

The programming instructions will list the simple steps that are required for DIY programming/reprogramming of the remote. However, some remotes will require a professional locksmith to program.

In such a case you can use the auto locksmith searching facility and look for the nearest locksmith. All the contact details of the locksmith will be shown, you can either contact them by calling or you can visit their website to look for additional information.

Purchase A Remote On Programtheremote

The purchase process on this platform is quite standard and easy as compared to other online shopping platforms.

Firstly, you have to create an account, by entering only your email and shipping address. Secondly, you have to search for the required remote or key fob and click on the ‘ADD TO CART’ button to add it to your virtual shopping cart.

Once you have added everything that you want to purchase, click on the ‘MY CART’ button to review what have you added into your cart. After you press the checkout button, you will be required to choose the payment options which include VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, and American Express.

Once you have chosen the payment option and entered the required information, all you need to do is press the ‘Place Order’ button and that’s it.

Wrapping Up

The article has explained in detail various features and procedures that can be used on the programtheremote website to search for your required information.

However, if you still feel that you need clarification on something, you can contact the friendly customer support team of this platform. However, over here I would recommend you visit the FAQ section of the website before calling customer support. Most of the questions are answered over there as well.

You can reach customer support either via live chat or by dropping an email at

Moreover, if you want a quick suggestion and answer to your query you can also drop your comment in the section below.

Good luck and Goodbye!


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