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Being gripped by no matter what disease is a painful experience. Whereas recovering from it surely gives you physical and mental relief. To add a bit to your mental relief gotomydoctorbill is an online platform that will take care of any kind of payment you have to make towards your physician.

Although visiting the hospital on your own is not such a great experience, but a visit to the Emergency Department is one of the worst situations anyone can find himself in.

Normally in the ED, you don’t have the option of choosing the services which the hospital is providing you, because they are doing everything to bring you back to normal life.

Ranging from the services, medicines, and physicians that will look after you in the ED, nothing is free of course.

Most probably you will receive a hefty hospital bill once you recover and come back to your home. Well, you can stopping worrying at least about the payment of the physician services, especially if you have health insurance. Gotomydoctorbill platform will take care of that in the most convenient manner.

Did You Know? In 2018 alone, around 160 million people in the US were admitted to the Emergency Departments of hospitals.

How Gotomydoctorbill Helps You?

During your unfortunate visit to the ED, normally the insurance company covers everything, provided you have health insurance.

Out of many types of bills, the gotomydoctorbill platform will generate the the physician’s bill within five days of your visit. The aim of this platform is to streamline the payment of registered physicians in the ED.

The gotomydoctorbill platform will automatically acquire your credentials from the hospital record and will contact your insurer automatically.

However, this platform can still help you if you don’t have any health insurance. They can offer you a range of payment solutions and you can select anyone that suits you.

Moreover, this service simplifies the billing statement so that you can easily read and understand it. As most of the bills from the hospital are quite difficult to understand, the simplified bill generated by the gotomydoctorbill platform is quite straightforward and easy to get hold of.

Billing Cycle At Gotomydoctorbill:

In the ideal case, the easiest and hassle-free billing process is as follows:

  • Within five days of your visit to the Emergency Department, the bill is generated.

  • Right after the generation, the bill is sent to your insurer.

  • The insurer pays the full bill amount within 45 days.

Isn’t that simple, because you won’t even have to move a muscle to do anything.

Note: In case your insurer fails to respond within 45 days then the gotomydoctorbill platform will contact you and request you to pursue your case of the payment. Then you can follow up with your insurer and make sure that they pay the amount of the bill as soon as possible.

However, in the case that the gotomydoctorbill platform cannot contact your insurer, it will contact you. It might be because the insurer’s contact information was incorrect or there might be some other problem. In such a case you would be asked to update the contact information. You can do it by logging onto the, and selecting ‘Update Insurance Info’.

But what are the options for you if your insurer doesn’t cover something or if you don’t have health insurance to start with?

Other Payment Routes:

In case your insurance doesn’t cover something, it will inform the gotomydoctorbill platform which will contact you to pay the remaining balance. You can follow the steps listed below to pay the remaining amount easily.

  • Visit

  • You may select ‘Review Account’, ‘Pay By Credit Card’, or ‘Pay By Check’ options from the homepage of the website.

  • No matter which option you choose, you’ll be asked to provide ‘Account Number’, ‘ZIP Code’, and ‘Last Name’.

  • The bill that you have received contains all this information.

  • You can press the Log in button after entering this information.

The next screen that you will see will be your account that contains your personal information, insurance information, and all the payment options that you can use.

From this page select the payment option and enter the details of the bill against which you want to make the payment. You will have the following option for paying the bill.

  • Visa

  • MasterCard

  • Discover

  • Personal Checks

However, if you for some reason cannot use any of the listed payment options, then you can contact customer support. The representative there will guide you about any other payment option on an individual basis.

Note The bill you have received from the gotomydoctorbill platform is only for the physician who attended you in the ED. You will receive separate bills for other services that the hospital provided you.

Doesn’t Have A Health Insurance

Although it is highly recommended to have health insurance because it can help you out in difficult situations, gotomydoctorbill will still help you out if you don’t have one.

Only customers who don’t have any health insurance will receive the complete physician bill within 15 days of their visit to the ED.

For paying the physician bill you can follow the steps listed in the previous section.

Tip: For anyone having a status of uninsured or is facing financial hardship, there are discounts available. However, you should contact customer support in such a case.

Contacting The Customer Support

Gotomydoctorbill has one of the most efficient customer care services. Note that their working hours are from Monday through Friday between 8:30 am to 4:30 pm CT. So, you can contact them at (800) 378-4134, if you feel puzzled at any stage of the bill payment process.

In case you don’t have any health insurance, the representative will guide you about the discounts available and the payment options you can have. Moreover, if you feel there is some problem with your bill then without any delay contact the customer support.

Final Words

Gotomydoctorbill platform is a convenient platform that will take care of the ED physician bill automatically. All you need to do is provide the correct contact information of your insurer.

Moreover, the platform is completely legitimate as per the Google Transparency Report, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

It will not take you more than two minutes to make the payment even if you don’t have any health insurance, plus you can avail discounts if you are facing financial hardships.

Thank you for reading the article, do provide us with your feedback via the comment section.


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