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As the events around the world are unfolding, virtual engagement offers a much safer way of interacting with others. provides just an experience like this.

The worldwide pandemic has forced millions to stay in their homes or to avoid face-to-face interaction with their peers as much as possible.

This has given rise to the need for virtual engagement because businesses and other activities cannot come to a complete halt.

The world has already suffered a lot economically and is now not in a position of suffering anymore. Almost every sector has resumed working completely or at least partially, utilizing the online services for virtual engagement.

This article is going to introduce and take you through a complete guide related to one such service. is especially for customers who want guidance and help from the support staff for managing their taxes.

So, let’s get started right away.

A Quick Overview of

Paying your taxes and balancing the return statement is definitely a cumbersome task that has to be done no matter what. As payment of tax is an annual event, certain details fade away after a year. 

A year-long gap causes tax filers to make mistakes and difficult remembering the correct procedure. Therefore, if they encounter a problem they get frustrated. The only way to solve the problem is to then contact customer support and ask for their help.

Asking for guidance, over the phone, about a detailed and deep tax payment procedure is an inefficient method on its own. So, provides an efficient and easy-to-use alternative for seeking expert help.

Let’s see how can help you out.

Glance is a service from Intuit for helping you with their other services, TurboTax, Quickbooks, and Proconnect.

Glance allows you to share your desktop screen with the experts from Intuit. Through this screen sharing the customer support can exactly see what you are doing right and wrong, so they can better guide you. 

This service is not just helping out common people by guiding them in the tax payment process but it’s becoming popular day-by-day among business owners and tax professionals as well. 

Getting Started With

Before you can start an online session with the Intuit expert, you need to download the Glance software. Don’t worry this won’t take more than a couple of minutes if you follow the steps below.

Firstly, go to, where the downloading of the software will automatically start. You might need to give your browser permission to download the software.

Secondly, run the downloaded setup file and follow the instructions to install the software.

Lastly, run the software to start the online session with the available customer support representative.

Super-Tip! You may want to use the Chrome extension of Glance instead of downloading and installing the software.

When downloading software via browser, it is quite common to run into troubles. Therefore, if you face any problem while downloading the Glance software, there’s no need to worry.

Most of the problems may be solved by simply reload the page. However, if the problem still persists, try using some other internet browser.

Additionally, Before attempting to download the software check whether your VPN or network administrator is not blocking the download. Normally sometimes there is a restriction on the Internet from the network administrator what the VPN to block automatic downloads. 

Why Glance? 

The Glance software is being used in several countries around the globe to provide virtual consultation to the customers, without any need for a physical presence.

The screen and video sharing option of the Glance software allows seamless interaction between the customer and the customer support representative. Several team members have remarked that this is a much simpler and quicker way for helping out the clients.

It’s Not Just For Customers

Although the screen sharing option of the Glance software helps the company’s representative see what a customer is doing, it also helps them see the steps which are being taken. 

A number of companies rely on this method for solving the troubles of the customers by seeing the desktop remotely and guiding them step-by-step out of the trouble. 

Moreover, there is another feature of the Glance software, which is Co-Browser. This feature is for sharing screens with other company representatives. 

Commonly there is an issue which is out of the scope of any certain customer representative. In such a case, he has to call some other representative to ask for help. The Co-Browser feature comes in handy over here.

Customer representatives can share their browser screens with each to see how one representative is guiding the customer. Furthermore, they can help out the client in consultation with each other. 

The Co-Browser feature needs to be applied on each browser page that you wish to share with your peer. So, you can share as many pages as you wish, with your peer, using this feature.

Is This Service Online During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

Though coronavirus came onto our heads quite quickly and unpredictably, rendering several businesses useless and stuck. However, the whole idea of virtual assistance, makes the service fully functional even in the pandemic.

All the customer support representatives are working-from-home to provide you the required assistance. Intuit is using cloud-based services that are both fast and fully secured to keep in touch with the customers.

Brief Account Of The Intuit Network 

Intuit Incorporation is a financial software provider company which is based in the US. They design and sell various accounting, tax, and finance software, especially, small business setups and individuals as well.

Did You Know? The Quickbooks and TurboTax software is the most famous software from the Intuit Incorporation.

The Glance software was initiated in 2013, with the primary goal of using the technology to revolutionize the call-centers and customer care services. They introduced the screen-sharing capabilities into their Glance software that helped improve customer satisfaction by several folds.

FAQs About

How can I come in contact with the representative?

If you are finding anything issue related to the Glance software, you can contact customer support at 1-800-446-8848. Furthermore, you can also drop an email at, or visit https://help.glance/net/ 

Is Glance Guest different than Glance? 

Glance Guest is a Glance network software for first-time visitors. Once you register yourself on the software, you can customize it according to your needs and requirements.

How to use on a smartphone? 

You can download the GlanceIntuit mobile app either on the android as well as on iOS. By using the service of the smartphone, the customer support representative can access your mobile screen. 

It is recommended to use the smartphone app if you do not have access to a desktop or a laptop. Sharing and giving access to the representative of your screen allows them to better help you out of the problem. 

Do I have to download the Glance software or is there a work-around? 

It is not necessary to download and install the Glance software. Additionally, you can install the Chrome Browser extension for the Glance software and using the service right from the browser.

In this way, you don’t have to download and install the service on your desktop or laptop. 

Final Verdict of

Figuring out new solutions for new problems is something that is taking the human race to new levels. was a revolutionary idea back in 2013 and even today, especially during the pandemic, its necessity is constantly increasing.

The Coronavirus spreads due to human-to-human contact, therefore it is of utmost importance to limit this human-to-human contact. is very useful or in fact the perfect service of these times.

The easy procedure of installing and using the service is another factor that has made it quite famous among users from different regions and domains.

Stay safe and share your experience of with us via the comments section.

Thank you!


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