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Driving an automobile always has some risk of traffic rule violations associated with it. So, is an online platform that has a purpose of facilitating you in paying for the fine against the traffic violation.

Introduction Of

All around the United States, American Traffic Solutions (ATS) is working 24/7 to make the roads safer for everyone. One program in this domain is the Red-light Safety Program realized by the ATS to detect and discourage red-light violations.

Almost every county that has this system, a convenient online platform is also there. You can access this platform to pay for the red-light traffic violation.

Therefore, is a web portal for the residents of Nassau county. They can use it to pay and manage their red-light traffic violation records.

The traffic surveillance cameras are installed by the ATS at all intersections of the roads to monitor the traffic 24/7. The ATS staff keeps a close eye on the surveillance video feedback. They are constantly looking for for potential traffic violations and/or emergency situations.

The ATS notifies any violation that seems life-threatening is immediately to the local police department and dispatcher. The local police department take immediate action so that violation effects might be curbed. However, other traffic violations including red-light violations are recorded and after a thorough review, a ticket is issued.

Did you know? In the state of New York, residents of Nassau County have the highest household median income. The total population as per the records of 2019 is touching 1.5 million. Whereas the population density is of about 5000 residents/sq. mi.

What Counts As A Traffic Violation?

Let us list down the things that will count as a traffic violation as per the law governing Nassau County. All the records of these traffic violations are managed and stored on the web portal. Whereas, for traffic violations other than the ones listed below, the record is managed by the ATS. This record is shared with the local police department for further necessary action.

  • Turning Right on Redlight.

  • Turning Left on Redlight.

  • Fail to stop at a Red light.

  • Dangerously or illegally over-taking a school bus.

Therefore, drivers keep an eye for these violations because the surveillance cameras are always watching you. Moreover, driving responsibly makes sure that you and your loved ones are safe.

Did you know? Only in 2017, 40,000 people died due to road accidents in addition to 4.5 million injured. These statistics were published by the National Safety Council of the United States.

What Does drivesafelyinnassau Offer You?

First of all, you don’t have to go anywhere or visit any police station to pay for the traffic ticket. Moreover, the platform of can address several other problems promptly.

So, the residents of Nassau County are offered the following things on this platform. Most of the questions and queries related to traffic violations will be answered by this platform. Specifically, you can do the following things on this platform.

  • Review the real images of the traffic violation that has been captured by the surveillance cameras.

  • Make payment against the ticket that has been issued to you.

  • Contact the customer support either via the online portal by sending a message through the provided field. Moreover you can also contact them at 516-571-6000.

  • The Privacy Policy and all the Terms and Conditions related to the use of the online platform are also provided for your reference.

Using drivesafelyinnassau Online:

If unfortunately, you are involved in a traffic violation which has been listed in the previous section, then you’ll receive a violation ticket with a week. Moreover, if you know you have committed a violation you can pay for it even before the ticket is issued.

To make the payments or view your traffic violation record, simply visit the web portal. The web portal may be accessed via or, by using your smartphone or a PC. Once there, follow the simple steps listed below to make the payment.

  • Right on the homepage, you will be given two options. You can either pay for the traffic ticket or view your traffic violation history.

  • To pay for the ticket, click on ‘Pay Your Violation’. Whereas for reviewing the history of your traffic violations, click on the ‘Get More Information’.

  • Choosing either of the options will take you to the login page.

  • For logging in you require the Notice Number and a PIN. Both of these things can be found o the upper-right corner of the violation notice that you have received.

  • Enter these numbers in the provided fields to log in to your walk-in account.

  • Once in, you’ll be able to see the complete record of the traffic violations against your name. Moreover, you can also select any violation to see its details like the original video showing the instant of violations, in addition to the video of the scene.

  • Moreover, you’ll be given an option to pay the challan amount.

What Channels Are Available For Online Payment?

If you have decided to pay for the traffic ticket via, then the following are options you can have.

  • MasterCard

  • Visa

  • Discover

  • Capital One Credit Cards

Credit cards or any other cards associated with any bank or financial institute can be used to pay for the fine. However, keep in mind that cash payment is not an option.

A Bit More Before We Part Away

Scrutiny Process: Rest assured that all the violation tickets are thoroughly reviewed before sending them out to the violator. Moreover, it is made sure that all legal requirements are fulfilled before any ticket can be issued.

Late Fees: You will be charged a late fee except for the case where the traffic violation notice is returned to the ATS center with ‘Undelivered’ marked on it. In any other case, a late fee will be imposed, in addition to your record been communicated to the local police station. Now you have to visit the local police station to settle the fine amount.

Payment Medium Speed: The quickest way is to pay by credit card. You can see your updated record just after 24 hours. Whereas paying through a debit card will take around 3 days before your records on the website can be updated. Lastly, you can also send the fine payment via snail-mail but that is going to take at least 10 days.

Final Words

Driving safely is the responsibility of every citizen who is using the roads, not just for his own safety but for the safety of the others as well. The American Traffic Solutions has installed a number of traffic surveillance cameras to monitor the flow of the traffic and to identify any violation.

The ATS will issue a traffic violation ticket for minor traffic violations, as per the list provided in the section above. However, serious traffic violations are immediately communicated to the local police station. allows the residents of Nassau County to not only view the traffic violations they have committed but also conveniently pay for them. Residents can choose from various kinds of credit cards or debit cards to pay online.

In the end, we would like to close the article by saying that paying for the traffic violation is not something to be proud of but avoiding traffic violations is.

We’re always here to help you out by listening to you via the comment section, so feel free to contact us if the need arises.

Thank you!


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